Old School of Driving – testimonials

oldschoolofdriving-06If we were to get a single line from every one of our driving students that has passed over the many years Old School of Driving has been around, we would need an entire book. However, there are some of our past students that simply had to share their experiences with the world and we have them here for you in their entirety.

My name is Melanie and I passed my driving test last year. It was my third attempt and I am glad that I finally went to Old School of Driving. I tried with two different driving schools before that and from the moment I met my Old School of Driving instructor, I knew that this time it would be different. For one, none of the other two instructors before realized that I was really nervous when I get into the car. The instructor from Old School of Driving realized this in matter of seconds. He was so calm and he simply asked me if I was nervous. I told him that I was and he asked me why that is the case. I explained it to him that I never really wanted to drive and that I find the whole thing scary. That whole first lesson, we just talked. The next time, I was a bit less nervous. The next time even less and by the time I was supposed to take my driving test, I was as cool as a cucumber and I passed.

Melanie Downing, Cleveland, OH

oldschoolofdriving-01When our son was up for his learners permit last year, we decided that we were going to go for the best driving school that we could find in Cleveland. We wanted to make sure that he will learn how to drive from people who know their job and who take pride in teaching young people how to drive safely and without any aggression. This was particularly important for us because our son has always been a bit overenthusiastic so to say. We asked a few friends of ours and they all told us to check out Old School of Driving. We did and we were happy with what we had learned. We decided to send our son to them for his driving lessons and his ultimate permit and they did an incredible job. They not only taught him how to drive calmly and without any aggression, but they managed to get him to ask for a safe car for his 17th birthday. We cannot thank them enough.

The Stevenson’s, Cleveland

All three of our children went to Old School of Driving to learn how to drive and to get their licenses. And considering that all three of our children are very different and that they must have been very different behind the wheel, especially in the beginning, we are amazed at how well they have learned to drive and how easily and without any anxiety they managed to pass their driving tests.

Ronald and Barbara Townsend

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Old School of Driving – why you want us

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Old School of Driving – about us

Old School of Driving, as the name would suggest is a driving school located in Cleveland, Ohio and it is one of the most popular driving schools in the area. It was opened in 1994 and since then, more than 3,000 of people have passed their driving test with [...] Continue Reading…